Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Random Gardening Chatter


Long time for me on here, almost 3 years! Well, I have been a busy bee, moved countries a couple of times, moved houses even more but finally settled back into Monda life, and loving it. Some new hens have come to join the party and the garden has had quite a few changes, including a new parking area, the shed turned into an office and the door moved from one side to the other, whole 3,000 m2 strimmed and turned over, a new vegetable/fruit patch has been dug with raised beds and breeze blocks used for planting some of the more delicate plants; strawberries.

There was a lot of bamboo growing own the garden and it wass starting to look a mess, so we chopped that down, stripped it back to the bare bamboo, dried it and made a fence out of it, there is a section of the garden which doesn't ever look nice, around the back of the chicken coop, so the free bamboo growing down the garden came in very handy.

As you can see, now the bamboo gate is in place, all the crap round the back of the chicken coop is now hidden from view, it looks much tidier from the track now too - very impressed with myself and what a way to save some money and keep the garden tidy at the same time!

I also planted a lot of raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants, they are all very happy to be in the ground and are growing well for this time of year, we have a mild winter so we might as well take the opportunity to make the most of it and get growing!

I made a small rockery near my new car park also and that has made a real nice feature alongside the vegetable patch.

Well, I hope to bring more news as I work through the garden and I promise it won't be as long a wait as the last post!